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Permanent Electric specializes in the installation of an effective electrical system for your home whether it be an existing property, a service upgrade, or within the construction of your dream home. We can provide complete house wiring from start to finish.


We specialize in complete new house wiring, bathrooms, kitchens, basements and garages.

Ask about the opportunity to implement an electrical plan complete with motors and controls to allow for convenient access to outlets and light switches.


Avoid the need for extension cords and power bars. Along with your electrical system inquire about a panel upgrade, overhead task lighting, the installation of a backup electrical generator for emergencies, or the inclusion of a separate electrical meter if you are considering turning your property into a rental unit.


If you are looking to enhance your kitchen or bathroom, Permanent Electric offers modern solutions including the installation of your hot tub and/or sauna. We can also provide generator installation and off-grid solar installation.


Did you know that improving your commercial lighting enhances displays and makes products look more attractive to customers? Employees also report feeling more productive, energized, and safe in a well-lit environment.


Modern technical equipment requires an electrical system that can handle a higher level of electrical support. For these reasons, hiring an expert electrician like Permanent Electric can help enhance your overall professionalism.


Whether your commercial space is large or small, inquire with the experts at Permanent Electric for their electrical suggestions. Commercial projects can include Office Renovations, Dental Clinics, Optometry Offices, Doctors Offices, Nursing Homes, Apartment Buildings, Retail Stores, Dealerships, Stand Alone Buildings, Restaurants and much more.


Permanent Electric offers thermal imaging solutions to pin point loose or weak electrical connections in your panel. Without removing the panel, Permanent Electric can detect from thermal imaging scans sources of overheating or inactivity.


Inquire about this service with our electricians today and troubleshoot the source of your electrical issues whether residential or commercial today!

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